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Support www.iitime.org. Many island schools struggle with no electricity supply – or rely on dirty diesel generators they can barely afford to run a couple of hours per day. The kids have little or no chance of a modern education. Its Time Foundation provides clean, free energy for lighting and computers and utterly transforms the education and prospects for these kids. It can mean the start of computer education at the school. And the money saved on generator fuel creates decades of cash flow to buy the computers.

What a neat way to do reduce our carbon dioxide emissions.


Learn to scuba dive !!!!

www.IndepthScuba.com.au is the best PADI 5 star Instructor Development centre in Canberra.   A large team of professional instructors and divemasters as well as experienced technicians and a great range of scuba gear and a very active dive club enjoying regular trips locally and abroad.  Pop in and say 'Hi' to Norm (the friendly and knowledgeable owner) and Rowan (the guru technician and gear specialist).   

We also support other magical PADI Instructor development centres around the world in Australia; Thailand; Philippines in fact anywhere we can help IDC students realise their dream to become instructors and beyond.


Leadership Consulting

www.IBRS.com.au is an Australian ICT Advisory and Consulting company. We work with technology and business leaders to ensure they make the most informed and qualified decisions to assist in their success.